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Tithes & Offerings

Tithes and offerings are what keep the church running and the lights on. Giving here gives to everything, from missions to building expenses. It takes about $42,000 a month to keep the doors open; be a part of the miracle!

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New Horizon supports ministry in Africa through World Outreach Ministry Foundation, ministry in Thailand and Burma through Trumpets of Christ, local food banks, ministry in India through Tell Asia, and ministry in 70 more nations through Harvest International Ministries. Other ministries, local and abroad, receive our generosity as well as the Lord directs, and we have short-term missionary teams that go out every year. Your mission giving will be included in our gifts and used in the most beneficial manner possible.

Food Bank

Every Sunday after service New Horizon has food available that church attendees are welcome to take for themselves or for friends and neighbors who need it. We not only want to give the spiritual bread of life, but the physical bread people need as well! Giving here will help us keep this going, and to expand it to be whatever God wants it to be!

Vision 2017

Let’s provide provision for the vision! Extra free-will offerings during the 2017 year will expand our vision and reach, helping us to acheive the things the Lord has put before us to do. Together we’ll expand the Restored Life recovery ministry across the US and other nations. We’ll improve our shuttles and shuttling ministry. We’ll make major advancements and updates to our television, media and technical ministry. And we’ll begin some major building expansion and improvement projects, including completing the upstairs.


Building Expansion

TV & Technical

Outreach and Shuttles

Restored Life Institute